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We build technology to enable our education system to recognize & reward the diverse abilities of young people.


A modern, privacy-conscious publishing tool for middle and high school classrooms and learning groups.

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Our Values

"Conscious Ed Tech"

Privacy & safety first. Being and feeling safe is a requisite foundation for educational software as it is for learning itself.

Equitable business model. Technology should bridge the opportunity gap, not widen it. The business model powering it should reflect that.

Quality & craftsmanship. The care and concern put it into the creation of a tool impacts its users as much as the tool's functionality itself does.

Our Team

Aatash Parikh


Aatash is a middle school computer science and engineering teacher at West Oakland Middle School in Oakland, California.

Aatash is a former software engineer who has worked at Google and Khan Academy. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from UC Berkeley and a Masters in Education from the Graduate School of Education at High Tech High in San Diego.

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